Tall Square Planter set of 3

Planters - Earthenware

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40Dx 60W, 30Dx 50W, 20Dx 40W cm, 85kg

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Volcanic Stone

  • Volcanic Stone Tall Square Planter
  • Unique decor product from Boulder slices
  • Sold as a set of 3
  • This remarkable material is the solidified magma cast out in boulders from a 1926 eruption in Southern Vietnam
  • Every Cut slice has it's own special appeal
  • Suitable in any climate for a wide range of outdoor and indoor spaces
  • Permanently fused together with epoxy compounds, these perfect shapes make a stunning new range of product
  • Easily sealable on the inside if waterproofing is required
  • The perfect dramatic peice for a foyer, office or commercial setting
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  • Subject to availability